Our installation services run the gamut from planting a single tree to installing a full, large scale commercial landscape. Terra Effects always observes the BCLNA standards of landscape soils, planting depths, and plant material quality, as well as the specifications set before us for hardscaping with reference to retaining walls and paving stones.

When Terra Effects installs a landscape, we are doing so for the future. If the soils are incorrect, or the plant material is installed incorrectly, the landscape won’t mature as it should. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, the high standards we set for ourselves and a high referral rate.




Kelly, from Terra Effects, answered a referral call and met with the customer regarding the drab, outdated front entrance to their home. After sizing up the area and deciding on a suitable layout for their project, the demolition began.

Shortly into the job, an old, cement walkway was discovered. After discussing the matter with the customer, we decided on a new course of action that included using the same caps we used in redoing the front stairs, cutting the rough face off of the caps and using them as a curb to establish a new grade for the interlocking pavers. The remainder of each cap was used, below grade, to provide a stable surface to bond the “curbs” in place. By not having to break out the old cement walkway, we saved time and we were able to keep the customer’s budget in tact.

As you’ll see, the rest of the job went according to plan.


We have a customer in Mission, BC who has an acreage that has a creek running directly through the middle of the property. Their house is located on the lower bench of the property and their shop is on the upper bench.

Since their only means of access was to either drive around and up the shop’s access road, or to walk up an unsafe pathway that was riddled with exposed tree roots, moss and puddles, they asked us to come up with a better plan for the pathway. They envisioned more of a mulch-laden path, much like you would find on a nature-walk in a provincial park, or something along that line, but we saw things differently.

After surveying the situation, taking some measurements and pictures, we presented two proposals to the customer. The first was a course of action that would make the existing path safer and more usable. The second was a much more dramatic and unique approach to the situation. We thought, why not a suspension bridge? The customer admitted they hadn’t even thought of literally “bridging” the gap between their house and the shop.

The customer decided to go the extra mile and have the suspension bridge installed. The bridge is 107’ long with a 40” wide bridge deck. Each end features a “gateway” to and from the bridge deck with two outdoor lighting fixtures, controlled by a timer, and custom-fabricated steel archways overhead to match the customer’s aluminum gate that welcomes you to their property from the main street. This really ties the whole project together with the existing feel of the property. The bridge also features three runs of cable, on either side of the deck, for safety rails and to act as a banister of sorts. To finish it off we installed “rope” lighting on the middle cable of the safety rails which gives a soft, warm “glow” to the wood deck of the bridge.

Also, you’ll find that this bridge isn’t just for looks. There have been reports of as many as 10 people on the the deck at once!


Here we had a simple situation where an old wooden retaining wall had been removed and the area was in need of something to replace it. We decided on a pre-cast concrete retaining system, known as "Allan Block" for the job. It's easy to work with and the fact that it's concrete means it will last a lifetime!


We were called to take a look at this back yard that had some drainage issues, especially toward the back of the property. The homeowners back directly onto a wetland area and the back half of the yard stayed wet, except for the peak summer season in July/August.

Originally we thought about installing drain-tile and raising the grade of the yard accordingly. In the end, we thought better of it and decided to go with a combination of planting beds and river rock patterns, couple with planting schemes that would not only enhance the yard’s aesthetic appeal, but provide a means of dealing with the yards previous drainage issues. Cast block accents the yard and gives the turf edges a whole new dimension.


This project encompassed several elements of landscape installation. The customer had a rotted wood deck that needed replacement, the old lighting system was unsightly, and the old arbour’s supports were rotted and unstable.

As you’ll see, we replaced the old structure with a flagstone patio, cedar arbour and we relocated the electrical system to a simple exterior outlet, on the side fence, which the customer can use for powering exterior appliances and to facilitate a transformer for a future low-voltage lighting system. In front of the new patio we used a matching pre-cast block to encompass the existing perennial bed and tie the concept into the new look of the patio. Now the customer has an area of seclusion to enjoy their yard at their leisure.




3629 Deercrest Drive North Vancouver, BC

“Deerfield by the Sea” is a 396 unit condominium complex located just off the Dollarton Highway in North Vancouver. For this project, Terra Effects was responsible for the landscape installation from top to bottom. We installed all the 6x6 treated retaining walls that encompassed the ground-floor patios and the building’s perimeter.

Given the building sits atop an underground parking facility, we installed a full drainage system over the suspended slab to sustain the landscape over a concrete environment.

Along the rear of the property, Terra Effects installed a riparian planting scheme to properly marry the new construction with the existing tree-line. The planting consists of native species of Dogwood, Kinnikinnik ground covers as well as native fescues and wild-flower seeding.

Terra Effects was responsible for importing and placing hundreds of yards of composted topsoil at “Deerfield” for the planting beds and turf areas. We did so in a timely fashion and were on time and on budget!


1149-1199 Grant Street Vancouver, BC

Terra Effects was contracted by Bray Bros. Construction to install the soft landscaping for this concrete tilt-up project located just west of Clark Drive in Vancouver, BC. The landscape was a straight forward installation consisting of large boulevard trees and select shrubs in architect-approved topsoil.

A 6 ft. tall solid cedar fence was also installed along the property’s west property line.


17 Fawcett Road Coquitlam, BC


3980 North Fraser Way Burnaby, BC

Terra Effects was contracted by Bray Bros. Construction to install the soft landscaping for this concrete tilt-up project in the Glenlyon Business Park in Burnaby, BC. The landscape was a straight forward installation consisting of large boulevard trees and select shrubs in architect-approved topsoil.


Located in Hampton Place, The Stratford is a highrise apartment building with lots of accommodation possibilities, mature gardens, attractive driveway and backed onto Pacific Spirit Park

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